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Whoo boy...

    Before I even start, settle in for a LOOOOOONG journal, because there's a lot that needs to be said.

    Anyway: College. I am now studying at college, and that means a LOT of work to do. I still have free time, yes, but it's not nearly as much of a continuous block of time, so writing is gonna be a bit more difficult for me. Expect a slight drop in productivity from me, but that should be all. (He says, not having updated in months)

    Speaking of stories... I'm going to be perfectly honest, I think we all saw this coming a mile away. It hasn't been updated in literally years, and I have spent a good portion of said years trying to find any way to continue it... but I can't. Therefore, I must announce the cancellation of my first real story, Anomaly.



    I know.

    Please don't kill me.

    I have kept Anomaly on constant life support for the past two years, and I have almost a whole megabyte of solid text files filled with nothing but ideas. It just couldn't keep going. There is literally no way for me to continue this story. Yes, I had a lot of plans regarding the plot of Anomaly, but I cannot for the life of me find a way to implement them without completely shattering the timeline as I have already established it and confusing the readers beyond measure.

    From the end of the last chapter, I had planned for Simon and the gang to go travelling around the globe, evading both Pokeumans and Pokextinction Agents to bring down the PSO. However, I pulled what I like to call a "Lobster Pot." Essentially, I uncovered FAR too much of the plot and added FAR too many characters to possibly keep track of. Then, just to seal the trap even tighter, I made the horrendous mistake of trying to salvage it all by giving the OC a unique ability... which promptly Gary Stu'd him beyond repair. There is literally no direction Anomaly would have gone but down from there, so I decided to be merciful and let the story die while it's still somewhat respectable.

    So... That's it then. Anomaly is officially discontinued. What happens now, then?

    For one, I have a number of interesting ideas regarding overlooked details of the Pokeumans universe that I want to see implemented, be it in the form of oneshots or as full-fledged stories. Those will likely take up the next year or two, so expect some interesting stuff on that front. However... I'm still not out of the "big, epic story" business yet.

    See, I ended Monster on a massive cliffhanger, and I fully intend to follow up on it. With everything that happened and the sheer scale of the damage that occurred, there is no way for me to simply leave it there, and I wouldn't even if I could. Now, due to the way my thought process works, that won't be anywhere NEAR ready for a few years, but I will be brainstorming on how to put it all together. We WILL be seeing Daniel and Nightmare again, don't you worry about that.

    But the biggest issue I see is what to do with the remnants of Anomaly. For now, I'd like to think of it this way: the main plotline will not happen, but the elements initialized in it WILL still exist.

    The PSO, for example, will still be around, although there will be changes. Station Icarus will still be a thing, but it will be SEVERELY nerfed. Time-stopping cannons? Seriously, what the hell was I thinking when I thought that up. The main purpose of the PSO, which is to provide a set of more dangerous enemies to Pokextinction's army, will stay the same, although they will play a slightly less active role. The genetic testing that gave Simon fire powers... I think I WILL keep that, but it won't actually produce anything more than a continuous stream of mangled corpses.

    The Olympia Base... I don't really know. Chances are it won't be revisited, so it might as well not exist at all in canon.

    I do not intend to take down the currently uploaded chapters of Anomaly, so feel free to read them again if you want... just be warned that they will no longer be updated. This is the end of the line for Anomaly. I overcomplicated it and wrote myself into a corner with nowhere to go but down into the pits of fanfic hell.



    I think I'll go now before the pitchforks and torches start coming out. *flees for the hills*
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